Explore the power of mark-making!

The Mosaic of Marks exhibition atelier has travelled worldwide and is debuting in Singapore in November 2024! The uniqueness of this exhibition stems from the fact that it offers educators a rare glimpse into the work done in the pre-schools and infant toddlers centres of Reggio Emilia. It is an opportunity to connect theory and practice and bring these inspirations to your context. 

The exclusive day-long Interactive Ateliers will be led by experienced REACH facilitators who have been studying and practising the Reggio Emilia Approach for years and are trained by educators and atelieristas from Reggio Emilia. The hands-on sessions will

1. offer educators a deep dive into the context of the exhibition

2. opportunities to research combinations of mark-making tools and material supports involving encounters with the exhibition.

3. unpack the 'how' to take this transformative approach back to your classrooms.

For a limited time only, this exclusive professional development opportunity is a must-attend for all educators and atelieristas who practice the principles of the Reggio Emilia Approach in their classrooms. 

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Through hands-on experiences and expert insights, you will gain practical strategies to integrate these powerful ideas and practices into your classrooms. This transformative experience delves deep into the synergy between mark-making and storytelling, equipping children to construct visual narratives. Hosted at the Mosaic of Marks exhibition venue, you will have an unparalleled opportunity to work with experts and fellow educators to merge your learning with the research showcased at the exhibition.

Mosaic of Marks Interactive Atelier in Singapore 

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EtonHouse HQ
6A Stevens Rd, Singapore 257819

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25 November 2024 onwards


Educators, atelieristas, pedagogistas, and early childhood education professionals







Interactive Atelier - Price

What you can hope to gain from the interactive atelier:

  • In-depth Exploration: Delve deeper into the power of mark-making and storytelling, explore the relationship between materials and material supports
  • Connect theory with practice: Deep-dive into the Reggio Emilia Approach. Experiment with different mark-making tools and materials, and discover innovative ways to nurture creativity and exploration in your classroom.
  • Transformative Learning: Gain valuable insights and practical strategies that you can directly apply to your own educational setting.
  • Reggio Emilia Expertise: Learn from the best! Our facilitators will share their extensive knowledge and experience with the Reggio Emilia philosophy.
Interactive Atelier
Regular Price SGD 350
Early Bird Discount
(Ends on 30 June)
SGD 300

For enquiries, please reach out to enquiry@reach.edu.sg or WeChat at 'REACH_CHINA'.

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Interactive and collaborative setting

Our ateliers provide a unique opportunity to learn alongside fellow educators in small groups. Share ideas, network with colleagues, and gain fresh perspectives on fostering creativity in your classroom.

Expand your learning

Alongside the exhibition, REACH offers enriching opportunities to deepen your understanding:

  • REACH Conference (22 - 23 November): Immerse yourself in a comprehensive exploration of the Reggio Emilia approach through the dedicated REACH conference.
  • Mosaic of Marks Exhibition visit: These 2 hours visits will open up encounters with the Mosaic of Marks exhibition with a studio specialist who will facilitate discussions based on the experience and readings that will be offered in advance. The exhibition will be offered in English and chinese for the very first time!

Limited spots available!

Don't miss this chance to connect your learning experience directly with the captivating artwork on display!