REACH by EtonHouse

Exhibition Services Booking Terms of Service

Before you start using the services provided by our company, please read the Terms of Service for Ticket Booking carefully. The part of the Terms and Conditions that involves your core rights and interests will be underlined, so please pay attention to it.

  1. Order formation, effectiveness, and cancellation
    1. We will provide you with key information about the conference through the showcase page, which may vary depending on the specific project, but will generally include key information that will give you a full overview of the conference such as the conference name, time, venue, notes, and whether refunds are supported.
    2. Before you submit your order, please read all the information on the display page of the item you are ordering and make sure that you fully understand and agree with the information.
    3. The order is created when you successfully submit your order in our online store; the order becomes effective when you complete your payment.
    4. In order to protect your rights, we reserve the right to cancel an order after it has been created or validated for unusual ordering behavior.
    5. Other related products or services such as derivatives and valuable coupons are also subject to the provisions of Article 1 of these Terms of Service. The specific contents, information, and rules of such products or services shall be subjected to the agreement on the sales page.

  2. Ticket distribution and others
    1. Ticket type: The tickets for this conference are e-tickets, subject to the information shown on the display page.
    2. After ordering an e-ticket, please prepare the corresponding entry credentials in advance according to the entry requirements of the e-ticket to keep it properly available. For example, for the general e-tickers without ID card registration, the QR code will be used as the entry credential; for the ID card tickets, the ID card will be used as the entry credential.
    3. We will keep all your personal information confidential and use it only for admission and registration.
    4. Invoices will be provided by the organizer, please refer to the tips on invoices in the "Information Collection" on the project purchase page for details.

  3. Refund and exchange
    1. Conditional refund
      We will carry out the refund operation for you after deducting a certain percentage of the handling fee of the actual payment amount depending on the length of time between your application for a refund and the start date of the conference, but the refund will not be supported in November.

      "Date of Refund Request": For e-ticket refund applications, the application refund date will be when you formally submit your refund application and the corresponding ticket payment you actually paid after the refund process is completed will be returned to your account within 7 working days according to the original payment path.

      Conditional Refund Criteria
  4. Others
    These terms and conditions shall have the force of law and EtonHouse International Education Group, the organizer of the 9th Reggio Emilia Asia Conference, shall have the final right of interpretation on matters not agreed in these terms and conditions.


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