Testmonial and reflections from past participants

Wong Wei Sum

an educator who embarked on the 2016 trip with us:

"This November, I had the privilege to attend the International Study Group in Reggio Emilia, Italy. This study group enabled me to have a firsthand interaction with the Reggio Emilia teachers, atelieristaspedagogistas and the environment. We had the opportunity to attend workshops conducted by the atelieristas, visit various preschools and be immersed in the history of the city. This learning journey has allowed me to reflect on my current classroom practices, broaden my perspectives for creativity and teaching and most importantly, gave me assurance that I am on the right track."


Denise Teo

Principal, Singapore

“The Reggio Emilia approach is something I have always been intrigued about. When I stepped into the pre-schools in Reggio Emilia, this philosophy came to life. I felt deeply inspired by the environment. Since then, I have been able to bring back some ideas and put into practice what I learnt. For example, creating digital landscapes, setting up my school’s recycling studio, etc. It’s about valuing children’s ideas and making them come to life. It's making sure that the pre-school is a beautiful place and is inspiring for children.”
Click here to read her interview with The Straits Times.

Dr Aurora

Chairman of Edvance Pre-Schools and participant of REACH study trip of Reggio Emilia in 2014

Teachers and educators are continually challenged to upgrade their skills to better understand the hundred languages of children. Our recent study tour to Reggio Emilia with participants from Singapore, India, Tokyo, Indonesia and Hong Kong was one such effort. It was envisioned by Mrs Ng Gim Choo, detailed by her colleagues of REACH (Reggio Emilia in Asia for Children) and EtonHouse Singapore with guidance from Paola Ricco and Emanuela Vercalli from Reggio Children. 
Carla Rinaldi said in an interview “you can only see what you know”. I shall try to elaborate some of the observations based on what we saw as a group and interpreted after due reflection. 

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Carol Yang

Educator, China

  • 一个拥有绚烂文明历史的地方
  • 一个充满浓厚文化艺术底蕴的地方
  • 意大利国旗的诞生地
  • 大自然的世界
  • 受启发于瑞吉欧教育学家和艺术老师的精彩演讲
  • 受启发于神奇美妙的光影艺术
  • 受启发于生命进化过程所带来的震撼
  • 受启发于科技与探索课程的巧妙结合
  • 受启发于废旧物品的完美再利用及其珍贵的价值,还有全民参与环保所带来的感动
  • 孩子们用“一百种语言”所创造的作品

Glimpses from our past conferences

“究竟什么样的环境能够让孩子保持新鲜感、激发好奇心、想象力、表达欲?通过这次会议以及深入参观瑞吉欧在新加坡学校里的实践后,我豁然开朗。在这里,老师充分尊重儿童的需要,相信孩子的能力。纽扣、纸箱、毛线球、木棒、易拉罐等任一零部件都可以成为孩子们灵感的来源。这让我和我的团队有了更深层次的思考,我们也会把这种启发性的教学方式带回国,让更多中国家庭受益。”  - 沈燕女士,东莞贝诺教育机构创始人及校长

Amber Koh (Principal of Bucket House Preschool):  I am always inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to teaching and the conference was an eye-opener and a rich experience. It allows me to deepen my knowledge and understand that the languages of children are symbolic and how the role of an educator as a researcher can help children find meaning in presenting their languages to the world. 


Miss Heather (N1A): We as adults should be curious about children's curiosity. "You can't plan children", however we can plan the direction we want to move towards with the children through planning meaningful and significant learning experiences. As educators, we constantly reflect and think about "How can I give greater strength and power to the research?" Digital tools such as digital camera and microscopes have the potential to magnify children's learning and bring in a different level of possibility to support traditional modes of learning such as paper and pencils. "Space that is thoughtfully planned with care and consideration"; the provisioning of a myriad of learning materials that caters to the different languages of young children.


100 Languages: The power of being heard

26 and 27 October 2018, Orchard Hotel, Singapore

26 and 27 October 2018 -REACH 26 and 27 October 2018- REACH - Speaker 26 and 27 October 2018 _ REACH 1 26 and 27 October 2018 -REACH2

Encountering Reggio Emilia: in dialogue around sustainability

11-12 March 2016, Novotel Hotel, Singapore 

10168 2016 reggio conference 2016 conf - guest of honour 

Walking on Silk Threads

11-12 March 2014, Grand Park City Hall, Singapore 

NP2_1543 2014 conference-NP2_0939 2014 conference REACH NP2_1317

Encountering Reggio Emilia:  Values, Experiences and Identities 

24-26 October 2013, Grand Park City Hall, Singapore

NP2_6418 (800x533) 2013 conference REACH Evening Dialogue by Dr Stefania Giamminuti (800x532) 2013 conference-Viewing of exhibitor displays

Provocations for Practice

26-28 April 2012, Concorde Hotel, Singapore 

lead-speakers_web-2012-3 speech_web-2012-2 2012 conf - 350 delegates from 14 different countries attended the Reggio Confreence 2012 all_web-2012-1

Mia Mia Conference - Creating Positive Learning Environments for Children

6-8 Oct 2011, Fort Canning Hotel, Singapore 

picture6_web picture5_web picture9_web picture13_web

The Reggio Emilia Approach to Education 

4-6 March 2010, Concorde Hotel, Singapore 

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