Testmonial and reflections from past participants

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Wong Wei Sum

Pre-school Teacher, Singapore 

"This November, I had the privilege to attend the International Study Group in Reggio Emilia, Italy. This study group enabled me to have a firsthand interaction with the Reggio Emilia teachers, atelieristas, pedagogistas and the environment. We had the opportunity to attend workshops conducted by the atelieristas, visit various preschools and be immersed in the history of the city. This learning journey has allowed me to reflect on my current classroom practices, broaden my perspectives for creativity and teaching and most importantly, gave me assurance that I am on the right track."

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Denise Teo

Principal, Singapore

“The Reggio Emilia approach is something I have always been intrigued about. When I stepped into the pre-schools in Reggio Emilia, this philosophy came to life. I felt deeply inspired by the environment. Since then, I have been able to bring back some ideas and put into practice what I learnt. For example, creating digital landscapes, setting up my school’s recycling studio, etc. It’s about valuing children’s ideas and making them come to life. It's making sure that the pre-school is a beautiful place and is inspiring for children.”

Click here to read her interview with The Straits Times.

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Dr. Arun Arora

Chairman of Edvance Pre-Schools, India

"Reggio is organic, alive, breathing and hopelessly in love with Bambini, the word for children in Italian. Bambini is an intense passion and exclusive preoccupation of every Reggio individual irrespective of his/her being the Atlierista, Padagogista, Teacher, Cook or Helper. Our entire group got infected with this passion by the time we were two days old at the programme.

We experienced the respectful reciprocal relationships that form the backbone of the education system in Reggio. We saw how listening intently to Bambini is an ongoing process that nurtures reflection, creativity, thinking, exploration, amazement, theory and a sense of extra-ordinary behind verbal and non-verbal commnication.

The trip ignited a desire to initiate a deep dialogue of reflection to understand what Reggio meant to our practices in Asia. We returned inspired to motivate our colleagues, infect them with our passion for Bambini and inspire our children to reach their individual excellence."

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Carol Yang

Educator, China


  • 一个拥有绚烂文明历史的地方
  • 一个充满浓厚文化艺术底蕴的地方
  • 意大利国旗的诞生地
  • 大自然的世界
  • 受启发于瑞吉欧教育学家和艺术老师的精彩演讲
  • 受启发于神奇美妙的光影艺术
  • 受启发于生命进化过程所带来的震撼
  • 受启发于科技与探索课程的巧妙结合
  • 受启发于废旧物品的完美再利用及其珍贵的价值,还有全民参与环保所带来的感动
  • 孩子们用“一百种语言”所创造的作品


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